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Which contributed to the thought of Zoisite that have an unrequited love getting Endymion getting appealing to admirers

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Which contributed to the thought of Zoisite that have an unrequited love getting Endymion getting appealing to admirers

Sailor Aluminium Seiren and Sailor Head Crow was shown in the cartoon to talk about good prickly relationship where Lead Crow was defensive away from, and you will exasperated from the, the newest scatterbrained Aluminum Seiren. Some fans have taken Head Crow’s affections on her behalf working lover as proof in their mind becoming lovers, or proof her with an unrequited fascination with Aluminum Seiren. These fans plus often say that there are the thing is between this type of letters and Zoisite and you may Kunzite – in the two cases new less experienced of the two is murdered from the its chief regardless of the pleas of more capable you to definitely, and in case the more knowledgeable of these two later on passed away it named the actual other’s term.

Luna and Artemis

About French dub of one’s anime, one another Luna and you can Artemis was basically girls when they basic featured, which meant that they have been lesbians. Although not, Artemis is actually later on referred to as a masculine in subsequent periods.

Men Homosexuality

Because show’s protagonists and you will antagonists was indeed mostly women, especially in this new after story arcs, several males were displayed as the homosexual in the show, way more throughout the cartoon continuity than simply somewhere else.


Listed below are emails which have a gay intimate positioning that was explained in at least one types of the new series’ cannon.

Kunzite and you can Zoisite

These Shitennou was presented since the gay partners regarding anime, plus it is said inside passing for the music Sailor Moon – Gaiden online hookup Louisville Dark Kingdom Fukkatsu Hen (although it is kept unknown into the after musicals). Zoisite is showed due to the fact more youthful, way more young of the couples a number of out of their steps he performed to possess his commander and you will companion Kunzite. The two has worked with her to the numerous days and you can Zoisite made use of the suffix “sama” (?), a great suffix which suggests great regard, whenever writing about Kunzite. Whenever Zoisite is actually killed, Kunzite supplied your their past should “so you can pass away splendidly” and you may surrounded him with herbs; he together with stored an enormous grudge facing Evil Prince Endymion exactly who the guy held accountable to own Zoisite’s dying. Whenever Kunzite died, the guy named aside Zoisite’s name. Yet not, the fresh new manga failed to present the 2 contained in this light, and also the Materials Range relates to their relationship to be so much more by doing this away from brothers.


In the anime, Fisheye are exhibited in the same manner in order to Zoisite (because a keen effeminate gay boy), along with reality is actually perhaps a great deal more effeminate than Zoisite. Fisheye wasn’t for the a constant dating as well as the category of Sailor Moonlight SuperS is actually attracted to multiple men, together with Mamoru Chiba; he and try a frequent mix-wardrobe and you may are not pretended are a woman in order to try to interest these types of boys. That exemption to that was in the brand new occurrence 140, as he clothed as the men whenever pursing Yoshiki Usui, implying one to Usui was openly homosexual themselves. Regarding manga, although not, Fisheye got a significantly less region, like a monster-of-the-day, and he made an effort to entice Ami as a part of the brand new Dry Moon’s preparations.

Partner Canon

Listed here is conjecture certainly fans about you can gay/bisexual direction certainly one of letters, as a result of disease and you may innuendo, that’s commonly detailed in the partner cannon.


Fiore’s obsession with Mamoru Chiba about Sailor Moonlight Roentgen flick has contributed of several admirers in conclusion that Fiore was gay. Ami Mizuno ideal you to definitely Mamoru was attractive to men into the reference compared to that from the R motion picture, hence contributed another females in order to jokingly telephone call the woman kinky. But not, it’s very possible that this new alien was only obsessed with Mamoru, when he was truly the only buddy Fiore you may previously think of that have.

Live Step Zoisite

From the alive-action collection, Zoisite is actually demonstrated as actually protective of Prince Endymion for the point regarding fixation. The guy wished to breakup Endymion and you can Tranquility, exactly who the guy failed to faith. On top of that, his focusing on regarding Sailor Venus at her big date as decoy princess, with his after cooperative try with her to split up Usagi and you may Mamoru enjoys added specific admirers to indicate the two were attracted to each other.