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I had another threesome, sort of – and it was hot, hot, HOT!

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I had another threesome, sort of – and it was hot, hot, HOT!

He was an ok guy, and I’m glad I picked him for the first butt-fuck experience, but I don’t think I am going to see him again. Let’s face it… I need a guy who can fuck me for a LONG time, and I don’t think Greg is the man for the job.

Once again I have been gone for a while, eh? I’m not really sure that I will be writing very much anymore. I’ve been a very busy girl the past couple of months. I met six or seven guys since I wrote last. There I was, at the bowling alley. George was in prime bowling mode – I swear I could have stripped naked and walked down the gutter of the lane and he wouldn’t have noticed. Anyway, he was bowling away, and I slipped off into Mike’s office. Mike was sitting on his couch, fully clothed, except for his magnificent prick sticking out of his fly. I was nude, straddling him, riding that cock and letting him suck and nibble on my tits.

I was coming about every couple of minutes, as usual, and biting my lip to try not to scream, and I heard a creak. I looked around, and Oh My God… there was George! He had walked into Mike’s office and he was just standing there, watching the two of us fucking. I went instantly still and then tried to jump off of Mike’s cock, except that Mike was holding on to me so tightly that I couldn’t get up. There I was, another man’s dick up my pussy, with my husband, a man who never even screwed with the lights on, looking at me with his mouth wide open. I opened my mouth to say something.

That the whole time we went on that long dry spell without sex, he was just trying to get me to go out and screw some more!

But as I babbled, George walked over to me and my fucker. He reached his hand out and I flinched, expecting him to hit me. Imagine my shock, Diary, when what he did was high five Mike! The two of them laughed as they saluted each other. Now don’t forget Diary, I’m still stark naked, sitting on Mike’s dick, and here is my hubby, happily greeting the guy who is cuckolding him. Ok, I’m not going to go into the whole thing, but it turned out that George found you. You, Diary. George found you and read you. And he wasn’t disgusted by what he read. He was actually excited. He told me later that he has jerked off to what I have written and imagined me fucking strangers.

I didn’t know what, but I really love my husband, and I was horrified that he was seeing what he was seeing

So he went to talk to Mike about the whole thing, and they set up the whole thing. Instead of yelling at me Mike, what George did instead was lock the door to Mike’s office and tell Mike to keep fucking me. Then he sat down at Mike’s desk and watched. My husband, mild-mannered George, pulled out his cock and started stroking it while he watched us go at it. Mike had me turn around and straddle him backwards, my legs outside of his, so that George would have a perfect view of his cock sliding in and out of my pussy.

After the initial shock wore off, Diary, I started cumming over and over again. When George walked over and sat down just inches in front of my cunt, eyes glued to the sight of my red pussy just swallowing Mike’s cock, I had to reach down and stroke my clit. The grand finale was when Mike came inside me, and his dick softened up and sort of fell out of me. George scooted even closer and Diary, he actually leaned his head in and started to eat my pussy. It was so fucking nasty, Diary, and so fucking hot. I came three or four times while he was eating my creampie! The whole time, Mike was talking about all the hot fucks we had, telling George everything, and then telling us about all the REALLY nasty things we could do with the three of us.