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HIV-positive men can use ‘POZ people’ to lessen danger of scatter of HIV, but various other health threats may be present

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HIV-positive men can use ‘POZ people’ to lessen danger of scatter of HIV, but various other health threats may be present

Gender activities in which HIV-positive gay guys fulfill for unprotected sex could help reduce the spread out of HIV, but could incorporate a threat of intimately sent bacterial infections and superinfection with resistant pressures of HIV, in accordance with a pilot research performed in ny lds singles nГЎvЕЎtД›vnГ­kЕЇ and released for the Oct model of Sexually sent bacterial infections.

Even though the learn was displayed in calculated language, and is cautious to emphasize both the potentially negative and positive fitness implications of gender people including HIV-positive homosexual men, or a€?POZ partiesa€? due to the fact writers refer to them as, a media launch from the editors from the diary used even more sensational code and generated alarmist statements including a€?POZ people distributed extremely strain of HIVa€? when you look at the prominent hit.

Events such as for instance POZ activities may signify an effort by HIV-positive gay males purchase intimate associates of the same HIV standing, so-called a€?serosortinga€?. Even though there might substantial investigation in to the sexual conduct of homosexual males recently, little known about gay gender functions. Thus researchers attempt to explain the features of males just who attend POZ parties, their unique cause of doing this, the types of gender they engaged in at these types of functions, her medication incorporate at these occasions in addition to their sexual conduct away from events which engaging different HIV-positive guys.



Picking intimate lovers of the identical HIV standing, or restricting condomless intercourse to couples of the same HIV reputation. As a risk decrease approach, the drawback for HIV-negative individuals is that they can simply be certain of these HIV status if they past took a test, whereas HIV-positive everyone is self-confident they know their unique position

pilot research

Minor, preliminary research, done to judge feasibility, time, cost, unfavorable occasions, and improve upon the style of another full-scale research project.


When someone currently infected with HIV try confronted with an alternative strain of HIV and becomes infected along with it besides their established trojan.


A variant characterised by a certain genotype.


Amyl, butyl or isobutyl nitrite, tend to be leisurely medicines sniffed during intercourse to both heighten the feeling and relax sphincter muscle groups.

Investigators interviewed a total of 115 people at ten POZ party occasions in nyc inside the last half of 2003. Many boys happened to be white (70percent) and 97% said that that they had gender exclusively with other boys. The median duration of HIV illness ended up being a decade, even though this varied between two months and 2 decades. Antiretroviral treatment was being used by 69percent of males therefore the average age was actually 42 ages. A sexually transmitted problems in the year in advance of participating in the sex party is reported by a 3rd of males.

Over a third of males said that her biggest cause for attending a POZ celebration was actually often a€?dona€™t need to worry about revealing my HIV statusa€? (35percent) or a€?like having uninhibited or unrestricted sexa€? (35percent). Furthermore, 15% of men mentioned a€?dona€™t need to bother about infecting othersa€? since their major cause for going to the big event.

a past gender party regarding HIV-positive boys was indeed attended by 75per cent of males, a lot of whom asserted that they went to their own earliest these types of occasion between 2000-03, indicating that this type of activities have achieved in recognition recently. People reported attending activities in lot of north American locations as well as in Europe.

The majority of the guys (88percent) mentioned that they’d oral intercourse with one person at a POZ party, with 60percent stating that they’d exposed receptive rectal intercourse (with over three-quarters of those individuals receiving ejaculate) and 72percent stating that that they had had exposed insertive rectal intercourse at these a meeting (with 69percent of these guys proclaiming that they ejaculated inside their partner).

There was small evidence of medicine usage at POZ celebration events. Despite existing worry in the us about methamphetamine and impotency drugs fuelling intimate chances getting, the investigators unearthed that best 11% of men reported the aid of any amphetamine and simply 1% of men mentioned that they used Viagra before or while in the celebration. And also, the investigators observed small proof of drug incorporate aside from poppers.

The detectives suck some inferences from their research. Firstly, the people they evaluated look like an effort at a€?serosortinga€?. Secondly, medicine incorporate is not a dominating element of the events; and, thirdly, sex events including HIV-positive homosexual males may provide an as however unrealised chance for health advertisement.

a€?POZ people could potentially play a role in decreases within the spread out of HIV infection through the self-selection of HIV-positive sexual partnersa€?, conclude the detectives. But the advantages of such a€?serosortinga€? could possibly be undermined by spread out of intimately transmitted attacks and the a€?diffusion of HIV superinfection, both among HIV-positive males at POZ parties as well as their HIV-negative sex associates various other sites.a€?

Clatts MC et al. a surfacing HIV danger ecosystem: a preliminary epidemiological profile of an MSM POZ party in nyc. Gender Transm Infect 81: 373 a€“ 376, 2005.