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The couple instructed every person to have separation targets since, between the two, there was clearly no reason at all either one should hate one another

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The couple instructed every person to have separation targets since, between the two, there was clearly no reason at all either one should hate one another

4 Post-Breakup Needs

There have been a lot of hearsay and stories about Dobrev and Somerhalderaˆ™s break up. Many of them are unfavorable, typically spearing the relationship the two have despite they divided. It actually was likely hard adequate to be observed collectively (or otherwise not along) in public areas, nevertheless was probably much harder for both of these to endure the gossip together with speculations that ran rampant across the internet.

Regardless of what your spotted the couple after separating, many clues surfaced regarding their good friendship after matchmaking. Besides, they nevertheless must interact!

The couple instructed everybody getting breakup plans since, between the two, there seemed to be no reason each one should detest each other. Dobrev provides your own approach that says, aˆ?we play the role of good to everyone else, whether itaˆ™s a love, a buddy, an ex. Iaˆ™ll constantly just be sure to manage everyone just how I would like to be handled.aˆ?

Despite those horrible hearsay, Dobrev and Somerhalder bring demonstrated that two people can progress from an intimate union and stay good friends – at the very least provided that pets are involved! Whatever took place if they are matchmaking, their own relationship was sufficiently strong enough to keep following breakup. Their unique relationship potentially turned stronger after separating!

3 Infidelity Hearsay

After the separation, gossip and ideas swirled that Somerhalder have cheated on Dobrev with Nikki Reed when they were still collectively. Celebrity Dirty Laundry said that aˆ?Everybody attached to the condition said that Ian had cheated on Nina.” This is reportedly because Dobrev didnaˆ™t desire to aˆ?settle downaˆ? and she didnaˆ™t believe their aˆ?relationship got going anywhere.aˆ?

However the two females – Nikki Reed and Nina Dobrev – let every person see age afterwards which they happened to be never envious of every some other or battled over Ian Somerhalder. They dispelled the hearsay they disliked one another, and therefore Reed broke the aˆ?girl-codeaˆ? by online dating Somerhalder. Dobrev began addressing the speculations by posting a photo of the woman from the Vampire Diaries sets finale supper with Reed and Somerhalder. She had written, aˆ?Canaˆ™t think how times flies. Goodbye food with team Somereed! So good making up ground using these goofballs!aˆ?

Itaˆ™s difficult to know very well what to think with web sites that run hearsay and speculation and spew all of them as reality, but once the specific truth arises from people present, and see indeed they are becoming sincere, itaˆ™s an easy task to feel them. After Dobrev submitted the supper visualize, Reed grabbed to Instagram for an identical followup.

2 The Somerhalder Like Triangle

Ian Somerhalder hitched Nikki Reed in April of 2015. They are at this time still hitched along with a daughter in July of 2017. It had been about a year after splitting up with Dobrev that Somerhalder going matchmaking Reed. Somerhalder and Reed comprise engaged in March 2015.

Regardless of the evident adoration Somerhalder thought for Reed, gossip that he was actually straight back with Dobrev or was cheating on Reed with Dobrev continuing for a while after the marriage.

The Christian Post stated Ian and Nikki werenaˆ™t aˆ?having a very good time togetheraˆ? because the wedding ceremony. A separation rumor after Somerhalder was actually ready to need children with Reed, but she was actuallynaˆ™t prepared. The celebrity wanted to consider her profession, continuing to create it on the conditions. Somerhalder infamously put completely Reed’s contraceptive.

This, and the truth Dobrev ended up being probably coming back again to your Vampire Diaries at that time, stimulated rumors that Somerhalder had escaped back to the weapon of Dobrev. They didnaˆ™t assist that enthusiasts were distressed when Dobrev left the tv series (numerous thought it actually was for their separation) and comprise just as upset whenever Somerhalder revealed his union with Nikki. Enthusiasts wished Dobrev and Somerhalder together, so that it ended up being very easy to produce the drama that Somerhalder went back to Dobrev from the smallest reference to stress in Somerhalderaˆ™s relationship.

1 Nina is actually company with Ian’s girlfriend

In February 2017, Nikki Reed decided to go to Instagram and uploaded an image and rant about Somerhalder, Dobrev, and herself. Inside photo, Reed is surrounded by this lady partner and Somerhalder to show that the three is close friends, and then have started for a long time. The blog post features over half a million wants, but itaˆ™s the associated text that is the reason for any post alone.

While rumors swirled about the hatred between Reed and Somerhalder, the 2 women and Ian bring stayed silent about the subject. Reed shows she thought aˆ?addressing any baseless hearsay with silence was the simplest way.aˆ? Reed didnaˆ™t want to reply to the stories about buddies backstabbing family, cheating, or fake explanations throw people remaining The Vampire Diaries. She labeled as on aˆ?low-browaˆ? websites that aˆ?perpetuated developments.aˆ? Getting hushed, based on the woman, was an easy way for more aˆ?falsities, and juice extractor reports.aˆ? Reed utilized the Instagram program to place an end to the aˆ?fake tales of on-set jealous, betrayalaˆ¦and ladies hating lady.aˆ?

The key function of the blog post would be to empower girls to aˆ?end that narrative.aˆ? She need the headlines using a fanaˆ™s dedication of a show to avoid since those statements train detest. aˆ?aˆ¦hopefully we will start to see a shift in how we treat one another see ourselves,aˆ? she finished the article.

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