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Healthcare.jpgOptimize patient care and critical workflows with mobile computing and automated data capture solutions featuring RFID and bar coding. Whether you are looking to integrate automated data capture with your EMR systems, cut down on paper-based data entry, maximize clinician-patient interaction time, maximize efficiency or simply cut costs, Solzon can deliver the devices, wireless solutions and full complement of services needed to help transform your hospital.

Greater Efficiency throughout Your Facilities

Solzonā€™s RFID, bar coding and wireless solutions help bridge the gaps between different departments. Whether it’s bar codes on IV pumps, trackable medicine and blood supplies or secure, paperless charts for faster receiving and discharge, technology enables more efficient workflows and greater accuracy in all facets of care.

Our healthcare solutions bring a myriad of benefits to your healthcare setting, including:

  • Real-time information capture and delivery for higher patient safety and care levels
  • Improved data security to meet regulatory demands and privacy concerns
  • Medication management that ensures the five rights: right patient, right medication, right dose, right route and right time
  • Higher efficiency with RFID or bar code asset tracking
  • Increased caregiver time at bedside

Solzon healthcare solutions can help unlock new levels of quality patient care for your hospital through the latest mobile computing, RFID and bar coding solutions. We enable you to stay focused on patient care while we deliver the right technology to your nurses, doctors and staff.