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  • Public Safety

Taking Control of Your
Public Safety Operations

Integrate powerful application software along with barcode identification and printing solutions into your quartermaster and property room operations. Whether you want to improve control of the items issued to individuals or divisions, or provide secure and accurate chain of custody tracking to prove the integrity of evidence handling for courts or prosecutors, Solzon can help.

Asset Tracking and Equipment Management

  • Automate the identification and tracking of equipment/assets using bar code technology
  • Manage the assignment and tracking of equipment issued to officers or vehicles
  • Automate the planned maintenance and calibration of critical equipment
  • Provide tighter control of equipment issuance and returns
  • Generate flexible usage reports and an audit trail of all transactions

Evidence Tracking and Management

  • Automate the identification and tracking of evidence using bar code technology
  • Manage the process while conforming to traditional “chain of custody” stages
  • Seizure and Documentation (what, by whom, from whom, date & time)
  • Acceptance (intake)
  • Receipt of Items (by whom, from whom, date & time)
  • Put Away (where, by whom, date & time)
  • Searching for Items (fast location for check out, purging, viewing, etc.)
  • Remote Requests (lab, court, viewing, etc.)
  • Check Out and Back (lab, court, viewing, etc.)
  • Physical Inventory (audit)
  • Boxing (one scan movement for many items)
  • Authorization to Purge (statute of limitations, etc.)
  • Purging (disposal)
  • Signature capture at various points (intake, receipt, check out and back, purging, etc.)

We ensure that the delivered solution optimizes what the technology has to offer and allows a migration path for future growth while not distracting from your core activities. Solzon delivers the solutions that conform to industry best practices such as those defined by CALEA (Commission of Accreditation for Law Enforcement).