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Arbor offers an array of rugged tablets that span a multitude of display sizes and price-points. Arbor units are known for their rich portfolio of features while offering durability and a cost of entry well below that of the competition. Arbor is a company with a history in single board computing, rugged mobile computing, and industrial Panel PCs. This diverse arena of expertise allows Arbor to bring forth a variety of products and options to a variety of industries.

Gladius 5 – 5.5″ Rugged Android™ Handheld Device

Gladius G0720 – 7” Rugged Tablet with Integrated QWERTY Keypad

The G0720 is a rugged tablet with 7” display and touchscreen. Like all Arbor units, it is highly rugged and comes with a series of communication options including Bluetooth, WLAN, and 3.75G.

  • Integrated 61-key keypad
  • Bluetooth, WLAN and 3.75G
  • Barcode scanner and RFID reader
  • Hot swappable batteries
  • Intel Z530P Processor

Gladius G0820 – Rugged 8” Tablet, Options for Bluetooth, WLAN, WWAN and Both Scanner and RFID

The G0820 is a rugged tablet PC with an 8” display and touchscreen. Fully rugged and designed for Mobile POS, Warehousing, and Vehicle Computing applications.

  • Bluetooth, WLAN, WWAN
  • MIL-810-STD
  • Barcode scanner and RFID reader
  • Dual hot swappable batteries
  • Three configuration and price-points

Gladius G1050 – Rugged 10.4″ Tablet with Scanner, RFID Reader and MSR

The Gladius G1050 is a 10.4” rugged all-purpose tablet PC, boasting an Intel Atom Z530P processor. The Gladius 1050 is ideal for data collection in any environment and is designed to MIL-STD-810F and has a sealing rating of IP54.

  • Bluetooth, LAN, and 3.75G
  • Options for barcode scanner, RFID reader and MSR
  • Hot swappable batteries
  • Optional integrated 23-key numeric and function keys

Gladius G1056 – Versatile 10.4” Rugged Tablet with Integrated Handle and AMD Fusion Processor

Equipped with an integrated carry handle, the G1056 is a versatile 10.4” rugged tablet. Equipped with a powerful AMD Fusion G-T56N processor with up to 4 GB DRAM and 32 GB SSD, the G1056 is an ideal unit for field service and mobile personnel.

  • Ideal for field service personnel
  • Multiple connectivity – HSUPA 3.75G and WLAN
  • Integrated 5.0 Megapixel Autofocus camera
  • RFID Reader
  • Hot swappable batteries

Gladius G1220 – 12.1″ Fully-Rugged Tablet for Mobile POS or Warehouse Application