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Rugged-Tablets.jpgWhile the iPad dominates the at-home and commercial-use space; the need for Windows 7 tablet computers within the business marketplace has grown exponentially. IT Directors and MIS Managers have proven the use case for the tablet form factor but mandate a Windows 7 operating system to meld seamlessly with their corporate infrastructure.

Solzon Corporation is a leader in the Enterprise Tablet computer segment offering customers a diverse selection of Enterprise and semi-rugged tablet PCs catering to every mobile computing demand. Solzon is a mobility solutions company and can suggest to users in any vertical market the right Enterprise tablet to do the job. We recognize that the goal in selecting the right tablet is increased accuracy and efficiency.

An Enterprise Tablet Suitable for Your Mobility Demands

In selecting an Enterprise tablet, Solzon takes the time to get to know the customer’s use case and typical user. Enterprise and semi-rugged tablets span a breadth of display sizes, processor speeds, I/O, communications options and available accessories. From 5” displays to 12.1” displays, sunlight readability versus standard and resistive versus capacitive touch are just some of the decision points in narrowing down a tablet selection. Other key factors include weight, the need for hot swap batteries, and of course cost.

Solzon offers Enterprise and semi-rugged tablets that cover every application, with features that include:

  • 5” to 12.1” standard and high bright sunlight readable displays
  • Intel i7, Core2 Duo and battery efficient Atom processors
  • Dual-touch resistive and capacitive technology for signature capture, pinching, scrolling, etc.
  • Integrated WLAN, Bluetooth, and GPS
  • Integrated wide area Gobi and 4G LTE
  • Built-in bar code scanner, camera, and RFID reader
  • Windows 7, XP Pro, and XP Embedded
  • Desk and vehicle docks
  • Hot-swap batteries
  • Carry cases, battery chargers and external keyboards
  • Housings built specifically for medical cleaning
  • Durable Gorilla™ Glass
  • Light-weight, less than 2 lbs


Solzon only sells Enterprise and semi-rugged tablets that can withstand some degree of abuse and environmental extremes. We understand that our customers are making a significant capital expenditure and that uninterrupted product uptime is imperative. Solzon Enterprise tablet solutions are used in field service, medical, insurance, inspection, security, mass transit, and POS.