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Our Software

Solzon is a trusted one-stop shop and our customers trust us for their critical software needs. Our software expertise includes solutions for both inside and outside the four walls and is backed by years of experience and a massive knowledge base. We call this experience… “scar tissue” and this is what saves you, the customer, time and money. Solzon ‘s software and implementation skills ensure that your data collection project gets up and running quickly and smoothly.

We Have It All Covered

Our software skills and talents are diverse and allow a customer to work with Solzon for all their needs. If there is a problem with any aspect of the solution, there is one call to make, or as we like to refer to it, “one throat to choke”. Solzon’s software line card includes:

  • RF/RFID/Data Capture
  • Labeling/Bar Coding
  • Warehouse Management
  • Field Mobility/Field Service
  • Device/Network/System Tools

Our customer base has experienced numerous benefits based on our software deployments. These include elimination of paper-based systems, improved inventory accuracy, product traceability, Advance Ship Notice compatibility, elimination of keying errors…and much more.


Solzon Corporation offers a variety of business automation and information technology services and solutions. Our success is due to proven project methodologies that include requirements definition, detailed functional and technical design analysis, structured programming and thorough testing.