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Accurate Inventory Data Means A Stronger Bottom Line

Many companies have come under intense scrutiny by a variety of government organizations (from OSHA to the EPA) to ensure product pedigree and authenticity and improve quality control. At the same time manufacturers are under pressure to implement leaner operations while adding just-in-time capabilities. This requires that companies know the source of materials, where goods are at any point along the supply chain, and that they can deploy those materials in real-time to keep the line rolling. Solzon can help determine and implement the right hardware and software technologies to make the tracking of materials and labor through production cycles and along supply chains easy.

Solzon – a single source for inventory management solutions

Whether companies need to track work-in-process and provide lifetime traceability, real-time data capture integrated into MES, WMS, ERP or other management systems, or fully-automated, hands-free data collection, Solzon’s solutions help reduce errors and significantly increase productivity in manufacturing operations by focusing on:

  • Speed Up Inventory Movements
  • Improve Accuracy
  • Eliminate Lost Time Looking for Inventory
  • Reduce Inventory Levels
  • Minimize Out of Stock Situations
  • Increase Accountability
  • Reduce Shrinkage
  • Minimize or Eliminate Paperwork
  • Create One Central Database
  • Improve Communication Between Stockroom and Line Personnel
  • Increase traceability at the lot and location level

An innovator of products and services for all your inventory management needs.

Solzon can help recommend and implement the optimal hardware and software combination to address the challenges of inventory management. Consult with a Solzon expert on how we can make your bottom line stronger while adding more control to your operation.