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The Asset Tracking Challenge

Tracking assets across your enterprise, from building to building, room to room or row to row, can be a frustrating process that often drains resources from other tasks and slows down operations until the asset is located and moved. By automating tracking and employing technologies like RFID and barcode, Solzon can transform asset management and boost efficiency and productivity.

Know Where with Solzon Asset Tracking Solutions

Solzon asset tracking solutions are ideal for companies with a number of mission-critical moveable assets that are key to operations. Asset tracking is also vital when it comes to maintaining and servicing equipment so that it is up and running when called upon. Plus, with asset management software from Solzon, your business can keep one central database that can track warranty and lease expirations, service agreements and asset use as well as simplify audits and depreciation reporting.

Our Methodology and Services

Solzon employs a proven project oriented methodology to design and implement asset tracking solutions. With Solzon’s experienced team designing and deploying your solution, your business can benefit from a variety of applications including:

  • Asset Maintenance
  • Asset Tracking
  • Asset Tagging/Labeling
  • Asset Check-in/Check-out
  • Asset Transfer
  • Asset Delivery
  • Asset Calibration