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The Inventory Management Challenge

As enterprises strive to improve the efficiency, responsiveness and speed of their supply chain, the level of visibility and control they have over their inventory is typically a determining factor in the ultimate success of their efforts. Inventory management is also becoming critical in industries where product pedigree and authenticity are closely regulated, including healthcare, manufacturing, and food and beverage.

Achieve Total Inventory Control with Solzon

By utilizing data capture technologies, mobile computing and inventory control software, Solzon can deploy the inventory management solution your business needs to reach the next level of production. Inventory management enables the identification, tracking and management of materials, goods and equipment as they move inside and outside the four walls. With a wide range of benefits, the question ultimately becomes how to best implement an inventory management solution that will extract the most return on your investment and be ready for the latest methods and mandates.

Our Methodology and Services

Solzon partners with leading barcode and RFID hardware and software manufacturers to build the foundation of your inventory management data collection system with the ideal scanners, mobile computers, printers, labels and other materials. With decades of expertise in a variety of settings, including distribution, manufacturing, logistics and healthcare, the Solzon team combines state-of-the-art technology with practical know-how on implementing, integrating and operationalizing your new inventory management solution.