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RFID Data Capture Solutions that
Keep Your Business Moving

The Challenge of RFID Data Capture

RFID compliance mandated by Wal-Mart, Albertson’s, Target, the Department of Defense and others has placed a huge burden on many companies today. In addition, it’s common knowledge that the demand for RFID will only continue to increase as the technology matures. Organizations are under increasing pressure to meet these demands. There is concern that because of the technology’s rapid evolvement, they may be adopting soon-to-be obsolete solutions or working with consultants who haven’t gained enough experience to provide the valuable input expected from a partner.

The RFID Data Capture Solution

Finding the right company to work with is the true key to unlocking the secrets of RFID. Solzon has made a substantial investment in preparing for the RFID revolution and this has paid big dividends for our RFID clients. Whether it’s setting up a lab or prototype facility to test RFID compatibility for a company’s products or implementing a fully integrated RFID solution in a manufacturing/distribution environment, Solzon has successfully delivered RFID solutions to a growing list of satisfied clients. Solzon has taken several actions to be ready to meet the needs of our clients:

  • Developed full-featured RFID products that are capable of integrating to various application products.
  • Researched, selected and earned certifications with key RFID industry providers of hardware components (printer/encoders, readers, antennas, portals), middleware, labels/tags and related software.
  • Created RFID laboratories and pilot environments.
  • Successfully implemented RFID solutions for several Wal-Mart “Top 100 & 200” suppliers. These implementations run the gamut from totally integrated WalMart/EPCglobal compatible systems to compliant “slap & ship” systems to RFID closed-loop solutions.

Our Methodology & Services

Solzon has leveraged its proven project methodology to meet the RFID challenge by developing a series of service offerings to assist clients in attaining RFID proficiency:

  • Definition & Assessments
  • System Design
  • Incubator & Prototype Programs
  • Hardware & Tag Selection
  • Hardware & Software Integration
  • Business Case & ROI Analysis
  • Site Survey
  • Business Process Re-engineering
  • Middleware & Edgeware Selection
  • Legacy System Integration