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The Wireless Networking Challenge

Inside the four walls and out, your end users need to be empowered with the most effective devices to best perform their duties. However, without the proper wireless LAN solutions to connect them, your scanners, mobile computers and smart phones won’t be providing peak performance. Working with Solzon to properly build the behind the scenes pieces – from network technologies and software to IT procedures, controls and security – will determine the success and ROI of your wireless network and device investment.

Get More Than Just Wireless, Get a True IT Strategy with Solzon

Wireless networks are a critical component in connecting your workers – whether they’re on a warehouse floor, in their offices or miles away on a service call – to the back-end enterprise systems they rely on. Solzon can help identify the proper components to fit your business requirements, implement and integrate them with your enterprise systems and then launch and support your users and devices in the field.

Our Methodology and Services

Solzon employs a proven project oriented methodology to design and implement wireless networks. The Solzon consultant team works with you to uncover the unique facets of your business and workflows in order to best determine what solutions will create the maximum benefit for your organization. Solzon’s wirless networking services include:

  • Site Survey
  • System Design
  • Staging, Loading and Configuration
  • System Installation
  • Go-Live Support
  • Post Go-Live Support